Pauline Straw Counselling

Time 2 Talk

If you are wondering how life could be different
If you want to know where you're going and how to get there
I am friendly, warm and ready to listen, non-judgemental and am here to do my best to help you.
Young Adults and Students

I can help you manage stress, anxiety and give you helpful strategies to study more effectively

Loss and Bereavement
At somepoint in life, we are all touched by death. I can help you come to terms with your grief and learn to live with your loss.
Anxiety and depression

I can offer a safe space where you can talk about your feelings, improve relationships, express your emotions better, improve motivation at work or school and develop positive coping mechanisms.

What Do You Need?
Whether you are at a crossroads, are in a crisis, or have a longstanding issue, talking therapy can bring a fresh perspective and ways to help you.
We cannot change what happened in the past, but we can change the impact this has on our lives.  We are not able to change the people in our lives, but we have the capacity to grow and make positive changes. Counselling gives us space to consider what we want from life, and knowledge on how to work towards that.

This may involve identifying and naming the issue. Sometimes it means adopting new ways of being, or discarding what no longer works for you. You may benefit from learning new skills such as empathy, assertiveness, and understanding your emotions, which may lead to increased confidence. It may just be a matter of expressing your emotions in a safe and confidential space.

Everyone can benefit from taking time out to think things through alongside someone who shares the desire to understand. I provide a friendly, non-judgemental, safe, easy-to-access, confidential, professional, and ethical counselling service for young people over 16 years old and adults.
My Approach

Access to Therapy

Face-to-Face Therapy:
In person or face-to-face therapy can provide a neutral space away from everyday life and be effective emotional support.
Face-to Face therapy is iavailable at: Rest Relax and Restore Clinic.
19 Piercy End, Kirkbymoorside,
YO62 6DQ
Online Therapy:
Provides easy accessibility: Getting to and from therapy sessions can prove a significant challenge for some. Traffic, public transit issues, and commuting time adds up. Taking time away from work or other priorities can also limit access to in-person therapy. You will need a phone, tablet, laptop or computer and a stable internet connection.
Walk and Talk Therapy:
Is a form of outdoor therapy that combines physical activity, psychotherapy, and exposure to nature. It is also known as eco-psychotherapy. Walk and Talk Therapy can be used to treat various mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, and stress. You just need suitable clothing and footware. We can walk at your pace.

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Real Life Stories

After suffering for years with self-doubt and low self-esteem I met Pauline, who helped me take a deep look inside myself and supported me as took a long and difficult road to improve my own personal mental health. I cannot thank Pauline enough for the help and patience that she gave me through such difficult times."
I worked online with Pauline. I highly recommend Pauline as a counsellor. I was at a very difficult point in my life and thanks to Pauline's compassionate approach, I was able to face and work through these difficulties. I learned how to calm my anxieties and now have a fresh perspective on life.
Over the years I have had several bouts of counselling to deal with past traumas, throughout my life one of the underlying and constant emotions I experienced dealing with these has been anger. Because of the anger, I would lose my temper quite easily and was constantly being told that I should seek help for my anger issues from family, friends and co-workers. Which is how I ended up being counselled by Pauline. Being constantly told I had anger issues, I turned this in on myself, thinking that there was something wrong with me and that it was my fault. Pauline asked me one simple question ‘Why do you think you have anger issues?’ I had never been asked this question before and I realised it was because everyone told me I had issues and I never thought to question why I was so angry and whether it was justifiable. My anger turned out to be justifiable and once I understood this, I stopped being angry and started to be kinder to myself. She also encouraged me to keep a journal which I have done, and it has helped when I have had a bad day, I write things down, one to get it out of my system, two it helps me to see patterns and identify triggers and three I look in my journal and see how far I have progressed and that makes me proud. I would wholeheartedly recommend Pauline. She always amazed me with all the little coping strategies she would come out with. I found her to be very compassionate, empathic, and dedicated to her craft. From one very grateful Client.

I’ve grown so much thanks to Pauline and I would recommend her services to anyone seeking therapy. She creates a safe, non-judgemental environment which allows clients to explore therapy at their own pace. She has an incredible ability to put you at ease, whilst challenging thoughts and feelings to get to the root causes of behaviour. Working with Pauline was such a positive experience and I came away from each therapy session feeling like I had learnt something about myself.  She is a warm, kind, genuine person and I will happily use her again if and when I need professional support.

Harriet  🙂